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Move On

            It wasn't too long ago that students took their shotguns with them to school, left them in the "coatroom" for the day, and went hunting on the way home from their day in the classroom.  It was a time when students walked to school around here, just 80 or so years ago.  It was also common in rural schools throughout the country.

            With the onset of consolidated school districts and transporting students to school in buses, that was no longer possible or permissible.  And, of course, we're not suggesting it comes back.

            But, let's look at the mindset of folks back then: the people, the disciplines, the respect, the courtesies.  This isn't about the guns, it's about people.  What happened? 

            It seems like everybody is claiming to be a victim of something.  Trying to keep up with changes in words, terms, and culture changes is becoming a full-time job.  But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep trying. But, know that when you stumble and make an honest mistake others will claim victimhood and define you as the attacker.  That's just wrong.

            Social media hasn't helped.  Too many people would rather shoot a video of a person being attacked than render help or call for help.  Then they post it on social media and claim to be a victim by being traumatized for witnessing it.  Instead of being a victim for your own social gain, you could have been a hero to the real victim.

            Has society really progressed?  Has hate and fear replaced respect and courtesy?  Have others given us a reason to hate and be fearful?  We shouldn't fear our government but we do.      Many think that is the fault of our government.  Looking at the way things are today, they have good reasons.  The founders of this great nation were smart enough to give us an out with elections.  No kings or queens, just elected officials.  But, when elections are manipulated for the benefit of any party we all lose.  We look for candidates who can govern responsibly and in good faith.  Someone who will do their best to represent all the people regardless of party affiliation.

            We don't need candidates who can win but can't lead.  We don't need candidates who will pander to their party at the expense of all others.  We don't need elected officials who will falsely spread fear and solicit support by claiming this group or that group is "under attack" without citing facts to support their claim.

            The lying from all sides must stop.  If you can't back up your claim with facts, then it's best that you don't put all of your eggs in that claim basket.

            If you want to be treated with dignity and respect, show dignity and respect.  Just because you don't agree with someone shouldn't automatically make you hate them.

            Differing opinions and open debate are good.  Hate and fear are not.  I refuse other people's attempts to instill hate in me or fear of them. You should too.

            If you threaten violence, you will probably get violence in return.  Know that before you raise your fists or a weapon – or open your mouth or tap on your keyboard to spew hate or lies.

            I simply listen to an opinion, agree or disagree with them, offer my opinion and the reason for it, and move on.






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