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Banners and Flags

            In our office we fly one flag – Old Glory.

            That doesn't mean we don't support a plethora of groups, beliefs and causes.  It just means that I believe that words and actions mean more than material displays that may or may not reflect who I am.

            Don't be embarrassed to have a friendly conversation and free exchange of thoughts and ideas.  You can learn more from some folks' words and the expression on their face than you can from the clothes they wear or the banners they hang on the wall.

            We've reached another low in social media as so-called influencers are now targeting business who prefer not to display flags supporting a number of different causes.  These so-called influencers are taking to their keyboards, posting bad reviews of restaurants and other businesses because they think that a piece of cloth is more important than getting to know someone before you criticize them.  Just because your flag isn't flying doesn't mean the business doesn't support your cause.  It's easy to find out – just ask.

            Besides, if I go to a restaurant and enjoy the food and service I'll return.  If not, I won't return. I don't need a social influencer to tell me what to do and I'll base my decision on my satisfaction not your opinion or the decorations on the wall.  I will assume the business is a good place to go until I learn otherwise – and it won't be from a posting on social media or on a website. 

            These keyboard activists are too busy staring at their screens to go out and shake a hand, share a smile, or pat someone on the back.  They're too busy to visit your establishment and try your food but not too busy to notice what you don't have hanging on your wall, or at least what someone on social media told them you don't have; and then they strike – the keyboard..

            They're quick to condemn but slow to learn.

            Congratulations – you are woke. 

            A person's character isn't automatically defined by the banners they don't display.  Anyone can buy a flag and hang it on the wall and avoid controversy by pretending to support a cause that they really don't.  Your words and actions tell more about you than any display.

            We seem to be migrating towards a society who lives by the creed of "whoever I fear the most is who I must appease."  Fear should never be the reason for anyone to support anything.  True belief should.     

            As for how best to show your support; it's what's in your heart; what's in your mind; what's in your words; and what's in your actions that always tell the truth.  Not a "woke" mob sitting at a keyboard and demanding that you yield to their mandates.

            If you choose to display a banner, any banner, it should be your choice and it should be something you believe in and support.

            For me, I prefer to meet people in person.  There's nothing like a sincere smile, a kind hello, and the shaking of hands. 

            Banners and flags; we have only one.






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