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Escalating Hate

            After the news was released Wednesday that our national rate of inflation jumped to 9.1%, the highest since 1981, I overheard two gentlemen speaking loudly and discussing it at a local supermarket.

            "I just can't stand Joe Biden and his … he is a terrible president" said one man.  The other was quick to reply, "Yeah, well what about Trump?  He did ..."   He was met with a quick response from the first man saying, "I didn't like him either."

            Then, complete silence for a moment and the subject changed to general conversation.

            "Wataboutism" failed to raise the argument to a more heated level as both men hopefully realized that their short conversation made them think about elections in general.

            Over the past couple of decades it seems more and more like we are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils.  I'm voting for candidate "A" because I can't stand candidate "B".

            It's getting harder to talk to someone who you strongly disagree without making it personal.

            Yes, voters vote in the primaries for their general election candidates.  However, candidates shouldn't be presented to the voters by political parties on the sole basis that "A" can beat "B" or vice versa.

            I believe voters want candidates who will best represent them.  Candidates with a proven track record of service to the people, a good forward vision grounded by a solid background, the willingness and energy to do the job, and the strong desire to do what's best for all by establishing and having working relationships with those with an opposing view. 

            In other words, a strong leader.  A candidate voters can get excited about and not just elect one because they dislike the other.  There has to be more than that and political party leadership needs to recognize their role in making that happen.

            Candidates need to recognize that too.  If you don't have the qualifications and desire to serve, why are you running?  Is it the power, the notoriety, the hope of climbing the political ladder, the paycheck, the perks, the hope of being an elected official for life?  Or, do you know that you have a true desire to serve the people and bring the necessary traits of a good leader to the ballot box?

            As a nation we are divided and opposing views have quickly escalated to hatred of those who don't agree.

            Our country is in desperate need of sound leadership. Elected officials who can remove the yokes of hatred that will free the American people to live in a more inclusive and involved United States of America.  

            We can help by working towards solutions to our problems instead of blaming and insulting others, and escalating hate.






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