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Why Should I Vote for You

            To mask or not to mask?  To ban or restrict books or not?  In person or remote learning?

            Will Russia invade Ukraine or is it just sabre rattling?    

            As the investigation continues in to the January 6, 2001 Capitol riots will the Durham investigation unveil Clinton Election Committee members engaging in unlawful practices in the Russia Collusion claims?

            When will the price of gas stop rising?  When will our current rate of inflation level off and start to decline?  Should mail-in and drop-off voting be expanded and what can be done to insure voting is secure, fair, honest, and free from suspicion of fraud?  Or, should it go back to the way it was?

            And, what about the Covid Pandemic – who's right, who's wrong, who doesn't care, and who should be caring?  When will we return to normal and what will normal be?  Will crime, inflation, and political posturing return to pre-pandemic levels or can we expect more of the same.

            How do we get a handle on the crises at our southern border?  Should members of Congress be allowed to purchase stocks in companies where their legislative decisions could end up enriching them?

            Serious crimes are skyrocketing in our nation.  It's beginning to ooze outside of the big cities.  Who are committing the crimes, why, and how to we put a stop to it?

            The list goes on and on.  So many issues, so many questions.  There are plenty of facts and opinions on all sides.  They are questions that, in most cases, spark controversy and argument.  At times it is a breeding ground for hate. 

            As we search for answers, we cannot let the end result divide us. 

            We must agree to disagree.  We must learn about the issues and adjust our opinions where needed, and use the power of knowledge to expose wrongdoing, accept our mistakes.  We must also use our right to vote.

            Then, there are questions that shouldn't exist.  Defund the police?  I won't vote for anyone or any party who advocates that.  I won't argue with them, I just won't vote for them.

            Bail reform with no or lower bail for repeat offenders of felonies?  I don't think so.  Help for the homeless and mentally-challenged law-breakers who need it? Definitely.

            This mid-term election will be a doozy and I strongly urge you to reach out to your Congressional candidates for their answers and opinions on these questions.

            If your opinion differs from mine on the above, I won't hate you.  I won't jump on social media to "trash" you or your family.  I won't confront you on the street or protest in front of your home.  I won't threaten you or your family.

            I would be willing to engage in civilized debate over the issues and even argue them.  But when voices are raised, threatening postures are displayed, or common courtesy and decency is thrown to the wayside, I'll walk away.

           I am hoping that our incumbents and candidates will address the issues and clearly define their postions on all of the problems facing us today.  What is your record? Where do you stand? Why should I vote for you?

            Most important; why shuold I vote for you?






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