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Bullying breeds Bullying

            We've read and heard too often about bullying in schools, playgrounds, and at work.  Where was it learned?  In the home; among friends; peer pressure?  Why does it continue? 

            Perhaps those who walk the halls of government deserve some of the blame.

            When making political appointments, government officials who try to appease other government officials (who hold way too much power over the appointer) the best person for the job is often overlooked.

            The best person for the job is not only someone who is well qualified and experienced and brings good work ethics and personality to the position, but someone who can also bring new ideas to the position and challenge the old ones. 

            It is also a person whose appointment can solidify warring factions, political and others, and bring people in government together to serve the people in an honest, responsible, and transparent way.

            Diversity is a wonderful approach.  But, the appointment should never be based on one item in the above list, but rather a collection of the positives that an appointee can bring to a position – including diversity – to best serve the people.

            When we learn about elected government officials threatening to vote against all of the president's remaining appointments (no matter how good that appointment is) unless an appointment of a person with a specific ethnic background is made, that just doesn't seem right.  Especially when those threatening to withhold their votes are of the same party as the president.

            Senators Duckworth and Horono recently made such a threat against President Joe Biden. 

            For goodness sake, you're allies, voice your concerns with the president and work it out.  If his "people" are not receptive to you and your thoughts, voice it on the Senate Floor first before you go the main stream media and social networks.

            But, that's how government appears to be working, and that sends a bad message; elected officials rule through blackmail and extortion – don't do it because it's right, do it because if you don't, I will hurt you.

            And, it's not just in Washington, D.C., it's seems to be happening in many federal, state, county, and local government bodies.  It's not just over appointments, but conduct in office as well.  Look at what's exploded recently about Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York.  His questionable conduct and growing number of women accusing him of improprieties seems to grow every day.

            The bullying by those in office must stop – no matter who they are trying to intimidate.  However, it will only stop when the people who elected them voice their disapproval or stop electing them.

            Bullying by government officials helps to breed bullying by their constituents, and on, and on..   






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