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The New Normal

            At first thought, one would assume that politicians and medical professionals are referring to the battle against the spread of COVID-19.

            Who's right, who's wrong?  Who's telling the truth and who's trying to flim-flam us?  Who's to blame? What should have been done and what can be done now?  Will there be a cure or vaccine soon? 

            Is that the new normal?

            As COVID-19 continues to spread fear across the nation opportunists try to reach into your pocket with a variety of coronavirus related scams intended to steal your identity and clean out whatever you have left in the bank.

            Is that the new normal?

            And, as the people of our county fall deeper and deeper into a state of lawlessness you have to hope that is not the new normal. 

            The silence from elected officials, yes even candidates in the upcoming election, regarding the growing number of murders in our country is disturbing. 

            Is that the new normal?

            Portland, Oregon is in the midst of 80+ days of unrest that has descended several times into violence and destruction.  On Tuesday night, protestors set a county government office building on fire.  A protestor there was caught on video saying she wanted "filthy, disgusting animal" cops to "fry like bacon" and declared a "war" where militants should "shoot back."

            Is that the new normal?

            Children dying when caught in the crossfire of a shooting.  Children being intentionally shot while playing on the sidewalk?

            Is that the new normal?

            On Monday, a man threatened to shoot the children at a Jewish children's camp in New York claiming that 500 of the youngsters weren't wearing face masks. 

            Is that the new normal?

            Closer to here, in Philadelphia, 30 more people were shot in the City of Brotherly Love this past weekend – several of them at a party organized to remember an 18-year-old basketball star who was shot seven years ago.  When police arrived at the scene, several males began shooting at them.  "No police" zones are cropping up in cities and the mayors wonder what to do about them.  People demand that we defund the police.

            Is that the new normal?

            Businesses, many of them small and family owned, are being destroyed with looters proclaiming their entitled to the goods and that the insurance companies will reimburse the business owners anyway.  False stories quickly lead to more mayhem, injury and death.  Social media has become anything but social.

            Is that the new normal?

            The list of examples goes on and on and in nearly every major city in the United States.  There is never a good reason to murder.  The violence seems to be worsening as we hear crickets from those responsible for doing something about it.

            Is that the new normal?

            I hope not.





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