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Leave Karen Alone

            If we want a functioning country we need to understand and respect each other.  That means we need to keep abreast of what's in and what's out in terms of our use of the English language.

            The list of unacceptable words and phrases grows faster than we can learn about them and train ourselves not to use them - even if our intention was not to cause harm.  Why?  Because it may hurt or insult someone.  It could also show the level of our "wokeness."

            Before we say or write anything we need to be up-to-date on the no-no's of being civil.

            But, just as there are words and names added to the list of those we would never use, it seems our "woke" society is indifferent to new creations and to the people they affect.

            The newest one seems to be the use of the name "Karen" and its use to objectify certain women.  It apparently stands for an entitled or racist woman.  Some might even use the term "busy-body."

            The negative use of the name flows freely on social media and in conversations.  It is used by the far left, far right, and those in the middle.

            How quickly people can take the name of someone and twist it into a negative connotation of a person or event they don't agree with.

            If a woman doesn't expresses herself (right or wrong) it's "Well, Karen doesn't agree with wearing masks" or "Karen doesn't agree with the school board's decision."

            Yes, the event or person may not be something or someone you like but how about the folks whose name is Karen? 

            Why not Mary, Betty, Joan or any other woman's name.

            What's next?  Think about it.

            Those in the "woke" society aren't always as awake or aware as they think they are.   They ban offensive words and create new ones – with equal offensiveness to different people.  And, that seems to be okay.

            Stop creating hate and controversy where it doesn't belong.  It has a way of creating prejudice.

            If Mary created the issue or problem then call her Mary.  Write her name on your social media page.  Call her entitled, a busy-body, or a racist but don't call her Karen.

            Leave those whose name is Karen be free from worrying about being mistaken for your fake Karen.

            You don't think this is such a big deal huh?

            The message of this editorial is about how we as a society create problems where there are none.





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