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So Be It

            As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the patience and fortitude of people are tested more and more.

            Common sense practices like washing your hands and not coughing or sneezing on anybody have become more commonplace – something you should have learned as a child.

            Because some folks never learned the basics of protecting others from germs, government officials have taken on the task and require us to wear masks and social distance.

            As we follow the rules and guidelines, whether one agrees or not, it is important to remember that emotion is contagious.

            If you panic over the fact that the number of cases released each week keeps growing and growing, remember that a vast number of those who tested positive for the coronavirus are back doing what they did before they tested positive.  When we think of the worst before we have all the facts, we lose sight of all of the good.  We panic and sometimes share a dark and dismal side of ourselves that we would otherwise be embarrassed to do. 

Hate breeds hate – panic breeds panic. 

            That doesn't mean there wasn't any danger at the time.  Many have fallen ill and, sadly, many have died.

            Many schools in Pennsylvania, including in our coverage area, have opted to start the school year in a virtual mode.  Some may disagree, but it is the safe move.  It is an added burden on parents who need to go to work and find care for their children and it is an added worry to those whose homes are not equipped for virtual technology. 

            We must find a way to make sure that everyone is included.

            We were all young once, and the lure of good weather could have an adverse effect on some students and their attachment to their computer when they could be doing something else.

            We must find a way to keeping them at the screen and working to learn during these most difficult of times.

            Educators, we're counting on you to make virtual learning interesting and fun, and parents, we're counting on you to encourage your student to be the best they can be learning at home.

            Our economy is in the dumps; our small businesses are hurting.  We must work to find a way to outlast the negative impacts of the pandemic.  Just as important, our government leaders must find a way to help those who have been negatively affected by their guidelines.  It pained me to hear a government official remark that aid to small businesses would be useless since most of them will never re-open or recover.

            That is not a leader – nor one who should not be an elected official.

            The amount of money known to be squandered on fake claims is in the tens of millions of dollars while those who truly needed it have been left out in the cold because the funds "ran out."

            Government officials need to better control who gets the help and how it is doled out.  And they must be held accountable for their lack of oversight, and they must recoup those funds.

            Nobody likes the hand we've been dealt, but if this is what we must do to help get out of the situation we're in, then so be it.





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