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How Will They Know

            Last week's editorial regarding the peaceful protest by the "Pa Women Rise PWR" drew some interesting phone calls and emails.

            While nearly all were supportive of each of us being and making a difference, there were a handful who disagreed – but without giving me a reason for their disagreement.

            One email simple said I would receive backlash for publishing it.  So be it, it was the editor's opinion based on a real, and current, experience.

            One person was insulted by my use of the words "It was a group of five folks from down-county way …" I was informed by the caller that the schools at the lower end of Montgomery County have the best schools in the state.  The editorial had nothing to do with schools and the term "down county way" was used as a geographical reference as opposed to referring to people in the Upper Perkiomen Valley as "up county way."

            Referring to the police using the bathroom was also taken as offensive.  Folks, even the police have to go now and then.  The protesters first instinct may have been that the police might be there to ask them to leave.  It wasn't and we laughed because the most common of nature's call was nothing more than that.

            Another demanded that all Senators should offer their "Yea or Nay" regarding support for a county commission who was taken to task over comments he made regarding "Black Lives Matter."

            I opined to them that State Senators may have to sit as a jury if the State House of Representative decides to impeach the Commissioner.  Publicly stating your vote, before an impeachment hearing even begins, could lead to appeals, etc.  It would be like selecting jury members for your trial who already said that you were guilty before the trial begins.

            The few dissenters of the editorial had one thing in common.  None could tell me why it was offensive.  Whenever asked, the answer was simply "I don't want to argue."

            In other words, their opinion automatically trumped mine without any chance for conversation or information sharing.  That is happening too much in America today.

            Dissent and disagreement can be a good thing – especially if both sides are willing to hear each other out.  Make your arguments, without arguing.  If your opinions are still in conflict, then agree to disagree.

            Sometime folks need to be questioned, and hopefully they have answers.

            When elected officials are doing a good job, their sycophants will shout praises of support into every news microphone and video-camera they can find.  Social media lights up with "isn't this public official great" as the "I told you so" crowd gets to crow like a proud rooster.

            As well they should.

            But when those same elected or public officials drop the ball, what do we get from those same uber-enthusiastic supporters?  Crickets.

            That is wrong, because that is when your public official needs you most. 

            If, in your opinion, they erred you must tell them – yes you, the same person who voted for them and had a sign bearing their name in your front yard.  The same person who sang their praises when in agreement must, at times, tactfully express your thoughts to them when you think they are wrong.  Silence doesn't help them or you.  You may learn something or they may learn something.

            If nobody tells them, how will they know?





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