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Fragile Optimism

            The finger pointing has begun.  While many think that we should wait to find the accurate source of the corona virus and put all of our efforts into finding a cure and proper vaccine, there are many who feel that we need to accurately find the true source because it may help in finding that cure and vaccine.

            Who's right and who's wrong?

            Each of us will have to choose who we believe.

            It's sad that the politicization of a world health pandemic has forced us to make that decision.  Do we believe the politicians who spend too much time in front of the camera?  Do we believe the social media hoards who have too much time on their hands right now and spend it sharing unproven conspiracy theories online?  Do we believe the government designated health officials who speak to us from the side of government officials? 

            Do we pick and choose segments from each of them to form our own opinions?

            It shouldn't be like this.

            Our leaders should be speaking with one voice, from information shared by trusted, qualified medical professionals.  The unified response and information shared should be organized and truthful, but as long as it remains politicized it can't be.

            It's a shame that it has resulted in the old "I'm in charge; no I'm in charge; I can do that; No only I can do that."

            The people deserve better from our leaders.

            The COVID-19 pandemic will end.  There is hope – there is always hope.

            Recent discussions about how to reopen our economy and begin to bring some sense of normalcy back to our lives have begun.  Granted, it is only talks, but with some hard work those discussions will result in a plan.

            Those who will sit at the table of recovery need to check their red cards, blue cards, green cards, and any other political baggage they want to sneak into those meetings, at the door before they enter.

            The people deserve honest, trusted, qualified officials making those "how-to" and "when" decisions that will be made without the daily press conferences filled with sound-bites and contradictions.

            We can't just turn on a switch one day and announce that everything will be back to normal.  Back to normal, as we knew it two months ago, will come in years not months. 

            But it will come.





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