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They’ll Know

            As mentioned before, right here, solicitors don't run municipalities – elected officials do.  When officials turn that responsibility over to unelected people, they cease to represent and do their constituents a disservice.

            Solicitors are hired to represent officials not the people.  Don't be angry with the solicitor when he or she is perceived as protecting elected officials and not you – that's their job. 

            Solicitors sit at the table to advise – not to govern.  Everybody should know that and sometimes you may have to remind officials of that.

            Which brings us to East Greenville's "Project X" – a controversy that shouldn't be one.

            The concerns of the Police Chief are serious.  Current officials have moved on addressing some of them by having their engineer put together specifications and a request for bids.  The project was posted for bidding, with a closing date of this Thursday.

            But the parade of people protesting to East Greenville officials asking "why isn't anything being done" seem to forget.

            Project X was around, and well known, last year.  Anyone who read the bid specifications in 2017 or paid attention to the project itself saw the deficiency in the walls (it's not a secret – it's posted on the PennBid website for goodness sake.) 

            By the way, that's why safety issues should be addressed before they become Project X.

            It is important to remember that most of the outstanding safety issues existed before and after the building was renovated in 2017.  When the East Greenville police officers moved into the station in Colonial Village they existed; when the ribbon was cut to officially open the building in 2017, they existed; and when the budget was being prepared in 2017 they existed. When new officials took their seats in government in January of 2018 they inherited the safety issues.

            Let's be honest, there would be no Project X if the safety deficiencies were addressed, or at least planned on being addressed before anybody moved in and it became the "sensitive" issue. 

            But that's water over the dam, ready or not Project X is here.

            Forget the calls that there "should be plenty of money" to do all the renovations needed and requested.  As learned from 2017, often times it's better to take your time and plan a project to its completion before setting the first tile or hammering the first nail.

            The election has been over for some time – stop the finger-pointing. It's rude and doesn't do much for finding a solution that should have been found a year ago.

            If you were part of the problem, it's best you step aside because Project X exists as your legacy – that is unless you truly want to be part of the solution.

            When it comes to taxpayer's money, secrets, ulterior motives, vengeance, and personal gain don't belong in government.

            You can't claim to be the people's advocate while standing on your wall made of toothpicks, and hide from them when someone puts their fist through it.

            The people will know what you did.





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