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Secrets Seldom Work

            Everybody likes a good mystery.  That is, until it comes to government accountability and how taxpayer money is spent.

            We live in small communities, and the rumor mill runs rampant whenever local government secrets exist and honest answers aren't forthcoming.

            Officials may think they're doing the right thing, but they're not.

            Let's face it.  Most people know what's going and they are sharing it face-to-face and on social media.  Hiding it only makes it worse.

            If the safety of anyone is involved and providing that safety is your responsibility, it is prudent to act quickly to remove the danger.

            If a sinkhole opens up in the road, you quickly close or cordon off the area and make repairs as soon as possible.  If needed, you detour traffic until the repair is made for safety's sake.  Usually, you don't have to tell folks about this because they'll see it when they drive down the road and the barriers should keep them from falling in.

            If a mistake was made in planning, and structural or safety concerns weren't addressed in a building project, say so.  Safety is everyone's concern and officials don't have to go into any details that would put anyone in harm's way, but it's never safe to assume that the public doesn't know about your secret already.

            Town gossips can spread rumors at the speed of the internet. 

            If the mistake was an honest one people will understand.  If it ends up costing the taxpayers a considerable amount of money, they may not like it, but they will understand – if you let them know about it.  Allowing them to speculate and guess is how rumors get started and perpetuate.

             If the mistake was intentional, meant to hide or cover-up another bad decision, the people should know about that as well.  This is an unforgivable secret. Whatever consequences come from that need to be shared with the people.  After all, they'll be paying for it.

            If you're sold a house because it looked great for the price, only to find out that doors and floors weren't included and cost extra, well maybe the price wasn't right after all.

            If it was an oversight on your part, it is a costly mistake to you.  If someone else is paying the bill and you planned it that way to hide the true cost – shame on you.

            Secrets seldom work – especially in small communities. 





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