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Use it Wisely

            Social media claims another TV personality. This time it's Roseanne Barr.  She of the recently rejuvenated, highly rated "Roseanne" show.

            But, remember social media was just the tool she used to spread the messages that got her show cancelled.  Whether she was trying to be funny or the hate-fueled messages were "ambient" induced doesn't really matter.  She posted them, she's responsible for them, and she must bear the consequences for them.

            Unfortunately, the cast and crew of the show are now out of a job as well.

            Many social media posters have deluged the medium with messages condemning her writings.  There are many who praised ABC for the speed in which they cancelled the show once the posting were publicized.

            And, of course, there were some posters who came to her defense.  Most, by comparing her words against other celebrities who posted controversial messages.  "Why was she fired for her words but so-and-so wasn't?  Their words were just as bad."

            Let's be honest; two wrongs don't make a right.  Sometimes it's up to the people to exact punishment when others spew hate. 

            In the case of celebrities, we can turn the channel, not go to their movies, avoid their sporting events, don't buy their merchandise, etc. – you get the idea.

            On social media, you can post your opinion or opposition.  You can even "unfriend" them or disconnect yourself from their hate messages.

            But be sure, once you post it people will see it, share it, send it, and/or print it.  When that happens, like the bullet shot out of a gun, you can't reach out and pull it back.

            Also, use caution when posting your "look at me" messages.  Criminals can use social media it to find out whose home and whose not home, making their job of finding places to break into easier.

            Be careful.  False messages can be posted to "bait" others into posting derogatory messages, just for the fun of inciting a message-war.  Don't fall for it.  If you have nothing good to say, or can't post your message in a way that won't cost you friends or incite a social media war, don't post it.

            A mea culpa posted after one's vile social media tirade rarely leads to vindication or forgiveness.  There are consequences – ask Roseanne.

            Social media can be fun and informative when used wisely.





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