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Are You a Citizen?

            Whether or not to seek the citizenship status of residents in the United States jumped into the public eye this week and has caused quite a stir.

            It appears the question to be asked in the 2020 Census was taken off the decennial questionnaire back in 1950. 

            In 1970, in addition to the short-form census questionnaire sent out to all residents, a long-form was sent to a smaller sampling of residents.  Questions about citizenship were included in the long-form but not the short form.

            As we all know from our history class, census taking began in 1790 for the purpose of getting a national "head count."  Most importantly to determine the reapportionment process (number of members to the House of Representatives) that could possibly control the body for the next decade.

            As of today, 14 states have announced their intention to sue the government to remove the question from the short census form – the one that most Americans will receive. 

            There is a fear among states with large undocumented immigrant populations that asking the citizenship question will keep some folks from filling out their form, which could affect federal funding as well as the number of congressional seats.

            The confidentiality of personal census data is promised.  Frankly, how many "hacks" and "data breaches" have occurred over the past 12 months?  How safe and secure can anyone feel about their personal data?

            Estimates report that more than a million undocumented immigrants live in the New York City area, and another million live in the Los Angeles area.  Democratic strongholds where loss of representation should be of big concern.

            However, there are also large undocumented immigrant populations in Texas, Arizona, and Florida.  States that voted Republican in the last Presidential Election.

            This has all just came to light this week and research is being done and opinions are being formed.

            Do yourself and your friends a favor.

            Study what is happening on both sides of the argument before you draw your conclusion.  Read the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and you'll see how it will come into play on both sides of the argument.

            The census won't be taken until 2020 and the question was just added back to the short-form this week.

            Learn all you can so that you can logically and intelligently share your opinion. 

            Oh, and do that before you pick a fight over it.

            Remember, what the Commerce Department has given, the Court can take away.

            Either way, you entitle to agree or disagree with their decision.





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