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Rights and Responsibility

            Well we did it.  From ABC to NBC to KYW and many news reporters in between, the story of halting construction on the middle school was big news this week.  Heck, for more than six hours it was the "big story" on KYW news radio.

            Big recognition for what many feel is the wrong reason.

            While most in the audience at Monday night's meeting of the Upper Perkiomen School Board (with three newly elected members) seemed to be for the new middle school, what counted more was the number of voters who voted on November 7 for the candidates who promised to halt construction.

            Who is right and who is wrong could take months to determine.  The emotions are running high on both sides of the argument.  And, just like hard left Democrats and hard right Republicans the people in the middle who are looking for sound leadership and honest answers to this dilemma are becoming victims.

            You're either for or against, with no room for a sensible, logical solution to the potential of wasting millions of dollars on either side of the argument.  This side vilifies that side, that side vilifies this side, and everybody vilifies those in the middle.

            Sadly, how we got here has become a moot point at this time.  We're here and what are we going to do about it?  We can learn from the past but that won't be much help now.

            The project has been stopped.  Should it remain stopped and exactly what are the financial ramifications of that decision?  The people deserve that answer.  After all, that's what the candidates ran on.

            If required, how much will it cost to bring the construction site back to DEP and EPA compliance?

            Should the project proceed as is and what exactly is the status of UPSD's PlanCon application?  The Pennsylvania reimbursement program could provide $2 - $5 million towards the new construction.  Now that the new construction is halted, what will the effect on UPSD's application be?

            Exactly what are the alternatives to building the new middle school? Can it still be built at a reduced cost and how?  Will the alternatives solve the problems cited for the need of the new middle school?

            Each day that goes by while answers are being searched for could be increasing the cost exposure to taxpayers.  Searching and providing alternatives must be a priority.  If none can be offered then construction must start back up as soon as possible.

            Questions need answers, conclusions need sound study and judgement. 

            Oh yes, don't forget your decisions, and how you made them, should be presented to the people.

            Whatever the conclusion, they have the right to know and you have the responsibility to tell them.





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