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What Voters are Looking For

            How long can we exist with the current state of affairs in the world, our country, our state, and even our own communities.  We are teetering on the edge of something bad and folks don't seem to see how close we all are to falling into a chasm where there is no escape.

            International terrorism and North Korean threats, among a host of other menaces, challenge hopes for world peace.

            Racism and extremism seem to be growing in our own nation at a frightening rate.

            Our state has now gone four years in a row without an on-time budget due to partisan bickering, old grudges, and power-mongering.

            In our own communities, tolerance, understanding, acceptance, and even common courtesy are waning at a pace we can't seem to handle.

            People seem to be demanding respect without earning or returning it.  That seldom works.  Have you earned your title or was it awarded to you by default or given to you by someone who hasn't earned theirs?  People do see the difference – they really do.

            Hope for the future of the world, our country, and our communities must begin at home, with each of us.

            You can tolerate someone without understanding them – but working to achieve understanding is a goal one should try to reach.

            Once you understand, you may still not agree but you don't have to be disagreeable to the point where playground bullying is all you have to express for your side.

            If your point is that good; that valid; can be proven and substantiated, then you've done well.  Behind-the-door and social media attacks only show a cowardice, and leads to questions of the validity of your position.

            Yes, statements made behind closed doors are a form of bullying too – it doesn't matter how old you are and whether your intended target heard your words.

            How can we teach children not to become bullies when we show them how to – by example.

            Things can get better in the world, our country, our state, and our communities.  But, it starts with the people.

            Election season is upon us.  Vote for honest candidates, not bullies.  Vote for good, proven leaders and those you truly believe can be.  Vote for candidates who promise to be pro-active and learn and maintain a good knowledge of what their duties, responsibilities, and limitations are for the position they are running for.  Vote for candidates who speak to their constituents instead of posting vile comments on social media.  Vote for candidates who know the community and the people.  Vote for candidates who promise to represent you and not yield their authority or responsibilities to appointed and non-elected solicitors and appointed administrators.

            Vote for candidates who promise transparency in government and promise to do the business of the people in front of the people.





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