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Local Doctor Pens Book on Finding Renewed Health
Written by Kelly Chandler Staff Reporter

Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer, who operates the the Upper Perk Chiropractic Center and the Center for Nutrition & Wellness in Pennsburg, has written a new book, "Dr. Pfeiffer's Guide to a Longer Healthier Life," which debuted in January.

                It was a natural step for Dr. Douglass Pfeiffer – who utilizes naturopathy – to write his first book on how people can improve their health to live more fulfilling lives.

                Pfeiffer, with a well-established practice and nutrition and wellness center in Pennsburg, has been helping people improve their quality of life for almost three decades as a chiropractor.  And while chiropractic medicine has long been considered secondary, even "quackery" compared to mainstream medicine, it's now coming to the forefront as people seek alternatives to their current healthcare dilemmas.

                He noted homeopathy and other therapies weren't outside the norm until the 1900's, when there was an industry-wide push to standardize medicine.

"Standard medicine is like a cookbook though, you do this and you don't do that," Pfeiffer said, noting while humans are living longer, the age we are functional until hasn't changed.  "The problem with medicine is that we aren't giving the body what it needs.  We have disease and sickness care in this country, not health and wellness care."

                His book, entitled "Dr. Pfeiffer's Guide to a Longer Healthier Life," debuted in January and hopes to change that.  Published by Advantage Media Group, it contains what Pfeiffer says are simple, everyday adjustments people can make that will set their lives on a path to health and wellness.

                In the book, Pfeiffer talks about "four pillars" of health and wellness:  learning to eat right, think right, move right and sleep right.

                  Learning to eat right should include less food products, as Pfeiffer calls them, and more whole foods.  He also speaks to the importance of vitamins and minerals from those food sources, as well as omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics, as we were genetically made to require.         

                "There are so many fast food places and we have incorporated them into our daily routines," Pfeiffer, said.  "There is a categorical degradation of health because of poor diet.  Our bodies require specific nutrition."

                In the book, Pfeiffer, who is also an educator and researcher, speaks about organic foods and and the importance of eating less sugar, along with the issue of  genetically modified organisms (GMOs) .

                He also tackles thinking right and the correlation between stress and wellness.  He said 80 percent of the disorders or diseases patients seek medical care for, and are being treated with drugs, are directly related to stress.

                Pfeiffer explores research on how the psyche affects the nervous system, and then the immune system, and how people can amend their reactionary responses to stressors.

                He talks about the importance of exercising, especially in the largely sedentary society we live in, and how to incorporate healthy movement into everyday life, even if you have a desk job.  He  looks at  how to reclaim sound and healthy sleep without the use of drugs too.

                He goes on to say many diseases and conditions today can be treated or eliminated with simple changes.  It's all a matter of giving the body what it needs to function optimally. 

                But not all supplements can serve as as a substitute.  Pfeiffer cited vitamin C as an example.  He said people think they can go to any mass merchandiser and pick up a bottle of the vitamin for all its health benefits, but those vitamins, made up of ascorbic acid, don't contain everything from the vitamin C complex.  They are only a fraction of what the body needs.

                And while he delves much deeper in the book into the science behind becoming and staying healthy, Pfeiffer said people can take three easy steps to improve their everyday lives.

                The first is to drink more water, which the body needs at the most basic cellular level.

                "People are dehydrated and that causes a variety of different conditions.  If we don't give the body water you have thickening of the blood and congealing of liquids in the body, like the kidneys, which strain their function," he said.

                He also proposed eating less sugar, not just processed sugars, but carbohydrates as well to diminish diabetes, and taking in more vegetables and fruits in our diets.

                It's all a part of helping people help themselves when it comes to being a health care consumer.

                "I felt the need to emulate what we're doing in our practice; to put it into words to help more people," Pfeiffer said of writing the book.  "It's something I'm very passionate about."

                As for the feedback he's gotten, Pfeiffer said the book has been well-received. 

                "It's been said it's easy to understand for people who aren't doctors and that it sounds like I'm talking to them; those two things are validating," he noted.  "I want people to have that health and happiness for a lifetime."

                Dr. Pfeiffer's book is currently sold online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and at his office located at Upper Perkiomen Chiropractic Center at 1543 Layfield Road, Pennsburg. 






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